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BKWC President Rana Shama

Nazir Speaks on Kashmir

Human Rights Violation in




BKWC at International Human Rights Day on Kashmir at the Porticulus House in London.


The speakers of Kashmir Conference urged the Kashmiris in Britain and Europe to play a dynamic role on diplomatic front in highlighting the Indian oppression in Kashmir. The conference was held on International Human Rights Day in Portcullis House. A campaign has been launched to sign a petition to inform the world about the Indian plans of building a wall on Line of Control.

Speaking under the banner of JK Self-Determination Movement in the House of Commons, the speakers said that by building the walls, the Kashmiris’ urge for freedom could not be suppressed. Neither the seven lac Indian soldiers nor the distance of thousands of miles could stop overseas Kashmiris from putting up a fight against Indian atrocities.

Chairman JKSDM, Raja Najabat Hussain said that the Members of Parliament would be informed about Indian excesses via meetings, emails and letters. He further added that even on International Human Rights Day, Kashmiris are suffering. Moreover by building a wall on Line of Control, a conspiracy is being hatched to separate the families living on the both sides of the border.

Lord Nazir Ahmed Chairman JKSDM, Raja Najabat Hussainsaid that India PM Manmohan Singh criticized the human rights violation in Sri Lanka but he paid no heed to atrocities being committed in Indian held Kashmir. He criticized PM David Cameron for his silence on Indian oppression in Kashmir during his recent visits of China, Sri Lanka and India.

Yasmeen Qureshi MP said that the Kashmiris must be granted right of self-determination. She urged that Britain must play its part in bringing India, Pakistan and Kashmiris to the dialog table.

David Ward MP said that the Kashmir Petition must be signed with fervor to help realize the long-awaited Kashmiri dream of self-determination.

Fiona Mactaggart MP said that she would present a bill in Parliament about human rights violation in Indian held Kashmir.

Julie Hilling MP emphasized that Kashmiri community should not only stay in contact with their MPs, but should also press them to raise the issue in the Parliament.

Chairman British Women Council Rana Shama Nazir said that even in the 21st century Kashmiris are suffering. Many Kashmiris are missing and many are buried in unnamed graves. All this puts a question mark on the work of international organizations who are striving for human rights.

Professor Shaheen said that a well-designed plan is employed to endanger Kashmiri values.

Cllr Nasrin Ali and Shanaz Saddique said that there are more than 1 million Kashmiris in Britain who want their MPs to view Kashmir problem in context of human rights violation. They expect their MPs to resolve the issue. Ex Cllr Mushtaq Lasharie, Shahbaz and others were among the speakers at the event.

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Rana Shama Nazir Speech at Porticulus House

Kashmir and Its Freedom-

Horrific Human Rights

situation situation, including

torture, summary executions,

and intolerance of any free



One of my passions is to see every man, woman and child have an education, creating a better society with more role models. I strongly believe women play a credible role in the community.

Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile, or the light won’t come in.” 
― Alan Alda


Rana Shama Nazir delivered a heart touching speech at the Porticulus House in London on International Human Rights Day. She addressed the audience by highlighting the plight of Kashmiris living in Indian occupied Kashmir.

We need a resolution on Kashmir, That’s what Nelson Mandela wanted and that is the cry of every Kashmiri. International Community needs to Step in before its too late and more lives are lost. Rana Nazir took  this opportunity to pay tribute to Great Mandela, who raised the the issue of Kahsmir at the 1998 Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit in Durban, with the then Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee .

Rana urged every one present at the Porticulus House to unite and  to take  action on Kashmir and to increase the humanitarian aid in the region.

BKWC at Houses of Commons- Reception Held for Former PM of Azad Kashmir

Reception held in the honour of


Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir


Attique Ahmed Khan, this was held in

the terrace of the House of Commons

fitting venue, with Razia Tariq


Rana Shama Nazir, Lord Qurbaan and

Burton MP Andrew Griffiths





BKWC in Australia

Diversity, Disadvantage, Discrimination, Development

Activating Human Rights, Cultivating Diversity and Forging a National Identity

A joint Diversity Australia and University of Western Sydney (UWS) event

University of Western Sydney and Diversity Australia hosted national diversity conference on 17-18th July 2013.

The conference drew people from different faiths and cultures. The conference is recognized as the leading national diversity forum in Sydney. There were contributions from a wide range of national and international speakers. Speakers travelled from across the country, including the UK to present their research papers. Attendees were high-level academics, decision makers including president, owner, vice presidents and directors.

The conference, aimed to explore at how diversity, disadvantage, discrimination can affect our communities. The overall theme of the conference was to build on the understanding, acceptance and enduring friendship to embrace and cultivate unity within diversity and to build a culture of social inclusion and support in order to achieve peace, justice and humans rights for all.

Rana Shama Nazir, Human Rights Activist and Founding Chair of the British Kashmiri Council from Birmingham, UK was a key note international speaker at the symposium. Her speech focused on equality and diversity policy in UK and deteriorating human rights situation in the region of Kashmir. Rana outlined how British government is committed to its equality and diversity policy, and to taking positive action to promote these in a wider society and across the globe. As a result of this policy, the society has taken a shift towards becoming more of a united and an equal opportunity society. The mood in UK today is about how to make society more fair and equal. There is an urgent need for such policy in Kashmir in order to promote the development of better relationships among a wide range of backgrounds. There is also a need to re-engage the International community in an effort to find solution to the decades old Kashmiri Conflict. Rana’s powerful, heartfelt speech on plight of Kashmiris and the mass murder in Kashmir moved audience to tears, with various organizations stepping forward to offer their assistance with the future work of British Kashmiri Women Council (BKWC). Rana was successful in creating awareness of forgotten struggle of people of Kashmir among the diverse audience of conference.